Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gratitude, Part 4

Here we are, Thanksgiving Day. I'm thankful for nothing today.

That's right - I'm thankful for nothing.

If it weren't for nothing, we'd have no sense of the something we do have. If it weren't for nothing, something wouldn't mean anything.

Of course, I'm playing with words here. The nothing that I'm speaking of, for sure, is the frame around the somethings that we really are thankful for today. When we think we have nothing, we really don't have nothing. We're just not thinking of the somethings that have been given to us. We need to reflect on absolute nothing to realize that we have been blessed.

In summary, then, I really am thankful for everything we have. This country is a greater blessing than many of us realize, something not to be taken for granted. Our families, with all the goofiness that they display sometimes, are blessings in ways that we often don't understand. Our jobs, our homes, all the things we are surrounded with, they're all blessings that we too easily overlook.

Thank God for the blessings we enjoy, and for this day when we can properly acknowledge the Source of all those gifts.

And that's what I'm thankful for today.

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