Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's finally over.

The elections have been held, and the results, for the most part, have been announced. All that's left, really, for the winners, is to do what the voters want done.

I'm taking a break, short as it is, from my self-imposed exile from political commentary to advocate for what I hope is a universally adopted practice.

I want to see all of us, liberal, conservative, Tea Party, libertarian, whatever allegiance you claim, do what we need to do to make this representative democracy work. We need to let our elected officials know what we want. All of us!

For too long demagogues and lobbyists have had the ear of elected representatives, to the exclusion of "just plain folks." It's because of that advocacy overload that we get some of the abominations of legislation we've seen in the past.

We have the opportunity with this new crop of legislators, governors, auditors, and so forth, to right that lopsided balance, and begin letting our voices be heard.

There's a world of work that needs to be done for us to begin thriving in this country. The government, trying at one and the same time to be smaller and more useful, is not going to be able to do it all. So, here's to personal responsibility, here's to keeping our representatives informed of what we want and how we think they're doing, and here's to keeping informed on issues that affect us both short-term and long-term. There's no excuse anymore to be stupid, ignorant, or lazy. The resources are out there to become informed and empowered. Letting media - of the left and of the right - dictate what we should believe is beyond dumb. It verges on imbecilic. Use the internet, find primary sources, and don't believe everything you read. Or hear. Or see. The forces that want to manipulate you as a voter and as an individual have had it too easy for too long. It's time to stop them from having us as such easy targets.

Live your values.

Love your country.

Love your fellow Americans.

There is no more "us" and "them." We're all "us," and the boat isn't getting any bigger.


  1. I agree with you in theory and concept, but I'm not quite convinced (or perhaps overly-jaded) that those elected folks, once they walk into their new offices, hang on to the "little folk" back home.

    I hope it happens this time around.

    PS -- great blog updates! Looks very clean and very crisp.

  2. Well, yeah, that is the crux of the issue going forward. That's why it's so darned important that we "little folks" keep the pressure on the newly arrived Representatives and Senators. Surely if the hard-core partisans can browbeat people, we somewhat more even-handed individuals can contact the same people with well-thought-out viewpoints. I suspect the newly elected would even appreciate hearing from people who aren't yelling at them all the time.

    You know, having seen and read the "Lord of the Rings" movies and books, I have a lot of respect for "little people." They can accomplish a massive amount of stuff, if they have even a small chance and keep pressing onward. So, there's our challenge - onward to Mordor!