Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Change of Plans...

This will be short...

I had planned on addressing what I saw as a crisis of confidence in this country, when I posted my last entry back in March. However, there have been several events in my life in the intervening weeks that have delayed any follow-up posts, and have forced me to concentrate on other matters, matters more personal.

Consequently, I can't be sure when I'll be able to address that national crisis that I sense. Instead, if I do post anything, it's likely to be a more personal Lenten or post-Lenten musing.

Lent is seen in the Christian tradition as a time of fasting, of focusing on things of importance, so that our place in God's kingdom is made clearer. Such it has been for me, even though I haven't really given up anything as I have done in past Lenten seasons. I didn't give up coffee, or meat, or anything else. Instead, I stopped spending so much time surfing the internet, and focused more on insuring that I got enough sleep each night. Oh, and dealing with those personal issues that I mentioned.

So, for the next few weeks, I will likely be posting only occasionally. The essays on a national crisis will have to wait. Perhaps for that, they'll be more to the point, and more worth reading.

The love of Christ be with us all.

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